Social media practices

I have a long-standing process of sharing social media postings only with specific lists of my connections.  I generally either share with a list, or I share publicly.  I share my opinions and musing privately. I share public content I find interesting publicly.

So, you might be friends with me on Facebook, or circled with me at Google+, linked with me at Linked-in, following me on Twitter, and have a different feed than someone else we both know.  It depends on the list (or circle).

Richard O. DeWald, University of Texas at Austin, New York, NY

I am ambivalent about Facebook.  I find some community there.  I only accept friend requests from people I know.  I share some things I find interesting publicly.

I would leave Facebook if it wasn't for the people I know there.


I am a fan of twitter for aggregation of trivia.  I don't use it to keep track of people I know, but I do use it to keep track of favored celebrities, scientists, mentors, esoteric news feeds, academic institutions, technical entities, and emergency alerts.  I do also follow a lot of people I do actually know, and I see their content, but I don't really socialize there via any predictable pattern.

I have recently become prone to short tweetstorms, and retweeting things that confirm or challenge my biases.  Anyone can follow me.


This is where I post my musical experimentation, and where I listen to similar work from other artists, most much more accomplished than I.


This is where I publish music.