Monday, October 22, 2007

To my friends grieving Crash.

I am sorry for your loss. Loss hurts, loss threatens, loss betrays.

I didn't know him well, but he taught me about music and he very positively contributed to my ongoing exposure to a lot of the work of some of the truly great music artists of our time. I will miss that.

But I want those of us who can crack open an eye at this moment to see some things with me.

I have seen some mention of preserving his websites. Why? Think about this, you have an opportunity to see past a delusion here. Why is a copy of his web content now so important to you now? Particularly ponder why it is *more* important after his death. What is preserved that you were willing to lose before?

I heard others complain that his death was *wrong* because of his age. Death is never wrong. It isn't right, either. It is beyond right and wrong. We will all face it. Rain doesn't fall for the flowers, rain just falls.

How many children died the day Crash died simply as a consequence of the geography of their birth?

How many of us will see the death of every relationship we have? All of us.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it contains no "building up period" to some retirement crescendo of leisure bliss (How successful was Crash's retirement fund?), it is happening right now, right here, to you, and it could be gone in an instant. Youth, health, wealth, religion, God, karma, whatever, believing that any of these will buy us time, or offers us any protection from the fact that things that change, is just the raving, confused, delusions of the human mind. Open your eyes. All that lives dies.

The truth is occupying the same space as your body right now, just as you are. Searching for a way to preserve Crash's memory is being like a fish who searches for water. This is all there is, you are in the middle of it, be quiet, see.

What is, is.

Be well, be happy, be free from confusions, delusions, longings, and loathings.

There is nowhere else but here, there is no time but now.

There is nothing to return to, nothing to wait for.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

If you can realize a bit of that from his passing, you pay him a profound respect.

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