Wednesday, March 12, 2008

(Another reason) why macs rule.

I loaded up a BitTorrent client so I could grab the torrent that Sam posted for the SXSW Showcase tunes this year.  I only have about 2.5GB on my internal HD, so I set the torrent to save the files to an external HD.

Problem: the BitTorrent client saves the active fragments to a directory on the internal HD, so my HD was about to get full as I am about a third of the way through the torrent.  I can't find a setting to move this temp directory.  I can set the folder where completed files go, I can set the folder where incomplete files go, but not the folder where actively fragments are cached, essentially meaning I can't process a torrent larger than about 2GB, which makes the whole torrent thing a bit useless.

So, being a Unix geek at heart, I decide to move the directory used by the client to an external HD and create a soft link using 'ln -s source target' so that the app just traverses the tree normally, but actually using the external HD.

Works fine, I have about 700GB available now for torrent processing.  Sweet Unix Control.

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