Friday, April 11, 2008


I saw my first just-completely-over-the-top mini-skirt today--the kind which remind me that my conscious control over my attention is not, well, much.

It's been warm enough to go without a jacket during the day outside in NYC this week. The trees are budding. It's becoming a lot more fun to walk around the City these days. I walk around a lot, I spend a lot of time as a pedestrian. The sidewalk cafes are open and busy, the people in the City are spilling out into the street again. The City is regaining it's urbane charm: polyglot, dynamic, and lively. From now until it gets so fuggin-hot-you-can't-go-out, Manhattan feels like that risky on-going human experiment in having all of the world's peoples live together That makes living here worth it.

Two good friends have had healthy babies, George Bush won't be President this time next year, it's morning in America.

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