Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things that are the bomb.

Imagine the title of this blog as spoken by Chappelle doing his white guy. Now that I've had me some brown sugar I will endeavor to not revert to my conventional ways.

iPhone/iPodTouch 2.0 firmware

Damn, these guys know what they're doing. No, I don't have an iPhone, I have the iPhone wihtout the phone, the iPod Touch. Forgive me, Apple-brethren, but I think this is the superior device at the moment, given the problems with att and 3G coverage.

It's going to change, but for now, for me, finding ways of getting reliable wifi is easier than putting up with intermittency of cell service, particularly att, these days. They will fix this, the information economy demands it, but the way things are now, I'd rather plan my web browsing around being able to get a wifi signal than put up with not knowing if I can get cell service at all when it occurs to me that I want to look something up.

Again, something will give here, either att will tune up or the phone will go carrier-transparent. Cite all the contracts and business declarations you want, but the utility of an Internet-enabled reliable hypertext and webscript terminal universally where there are people is too big a wave to resist. We will make it happen.

At that point, the iPhone will be the genre-killer.

Until then, my iPod does everything I want, and it doesn't tell people where I am.

The Music Genome Project

Then find the free Pandora app at the iPhone app store. Coolness.

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