Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You guys are the very best

So, I get home tonight and find a FedEx package with the mail. btlzu2 and I have been exchanging e-mail messages for the last few days about it's delivery. I don't use the apt number in my address because all of the mail for the 5 apts in my converted brownstone use the same slot. The mail just gets dumped on the floor inside the front door and one of us picks it up and sorts it on the table in the foyer.

FedEx, however, requires an apartment number (mine is #1, for the record, and a very unimaginative whois query will get you the rest of my address) before they will shove their envelope through the (only) slot, so that delayed the arrival. I knew something was coming from btlzu2, but I didn't know what it was, I figured he was returning the Taiwanese porn DVD's I lent him the last time he was in NYC. He wanted to tell me what was on the way, but I declined to ask him to spill the beans.

It's an Apple store gift card from you guys, a very large one, and I am floored by your loving generosity and kindness, and impressed by your wisdom in choosing the Apple store as the proxy benefactor. I indeed need to spend at least this much money at the Apple store in order to replace my burgled items, I've just been waiting to settle the insurance claim first, and this gift card covers 95% of my insurance deductable, so you guys made me whole.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't stop smiling, I can't stop the tears either. From the bottom of my heart, this means so much.

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