Sunday, January 11, 2009

NCAA BB: The Tarheels tank.

First you had the loss to Boston College. Undefeated season RIP. BC played well and took skillful advantage of the Tarheels poor play. They deserved the win and the Tarheels deserved the loss.

But the loss wasn't what really hurt. What really hurt was BC's loss to Harvard immediately following their victory over the Tarheels. Ouch, m-fin' ouch. It was Harvard's first victory over a top 25 team. Ever. Harvard can beat a team that the Tarheels can't? What?

Then there's tonight's loss to Wake Forest.

Wake Forest has a good basketball team. They're young, but they play well. They understand how to win. They earned the win, they played better.

The Tarheels clearly seem to be too impressed with themselves.

They are on the road at Virginia on Thursday and then meet Miami at home on Saturday. That's two road games and one home game in about 6 days and 3 hours. We are going to find out what this team is really made of in the next week.

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