Saturday, November 28, 2009

I have changed my default browser.

I know, to a lot of people that's met with "so what?" but considering the way I work, it's more like changing jobs or moving a home.

I have changed the default setting from Firefox to Safari. Both AdBlock and XMarks (the plug-ins I absolutely can't live without) are available for Safari, it is faster, lighter, and it doesn't choke on the various anticipated security certificate problems I have in some environments. Also, it works with Facebook.

I never thought I would do this, I assumed I would hang with Firefox as I have since v 1.6, which I think was the first one to be called Firefox. It was a political move of course, away from the bloat-ware that Netscape Communicator became, which I moved to in order to escape the clutches of Microsoft's undermining of inter-operational web standards. I've been a loyal contributor to the program both with bug reporting and money for more than four years now.

I'll still use it, there are a number of plug-ins I find useful in specific situations, and I need to make sure it renders code that I've tweaked for IE correctly, but it won't be my default any more. That's a big deal. These days I almost consider my computer an appliance that I use to run my browser instead of the other way around.