Sunday, April 28, 2013

From iPhone to Phabulous: Day 2 or swype in a Taxi

One of the things i am hoping the new phone will enable for me is new ease in social blogging.  I would like to see and type well enough with swype to do a useful blog post in these random windows of time that I have like riding from one end of Manhattan to the other in a cab.

So I am trying it.  It just didn't work for me on the iPhone.

Today the only thing I really miss is that I have not yet set up my ring and text tones the way I want them, so I can't yet tell what is going on with my phone by just the sound it makes. That's actually pretty important to me.

But to be fair, my iPhone setup was complex and took weeks to perfect.

Also, I think the iPhone camera is better (my iPhone pictures look better on the computer) but the pictures I take on this phone look better on this phone than the pictures I took on the iPhone looked on the iPhone.  Weird. The display must be super I just optimized for this camera.

I like the size.  I just like the size.

Oh, and I haven't yet used the stylus.