Monday, May 12, 2008

A few thoughts about the Presidential race.

First, regarding Lieberman and McCain going off about the Hamas leader's support of Obama. Ok, out of one side of your mouth you say Hamas is wrong about everything, wrong about the path to peace, wrong on strategy, wrong on tactics, wrong on political philosophy, wrong, wrong wrong.

Yet, in the midst of all that blunder, out of the other side of your mouth you imply that they can correctly identify the Presidential candidate who will be most helpful to their cause if victorious. So, despite being isolated in closed societies overseas, isolated from robust avenues of effective US political analysis, in bed with some of the most myopic and deluded political communities in the world (Iran, Syria), they can be SO RIGHT about picking the Presidential candidate best suited to their ends. Damn, watch out Karl, Kahled Mashal apparently is qualified for that spot you just got at at Fox News (after Romney augured in)...

This is just like McCain denying that he told anyone would listen in 2001 that he didn't vote for Bush.

If you're going to lie boys, do it well.

HIllary, HIllary, Hillary. I feel a lot better that it is your money you're wasting these days, but please, learn to lose. We all know that you are hanging on for the possibility that someone else will recognize that a lot of white people who say they will vote for Obama won't. We know that. They're stupid. They are the same idiots that voted for Bush because they thought they might be rich some day and he would feather their future nest. They're real stupid, and they get mad when you call them on it. They're the reason this country collectively acts like a petulant, mean, adolescent a lot of the time.

But, they aren't going to vote for McCain, they're going to stay home. They don't care. The best way for the Democratic party to elect John McCain is to go against the wishes of the people and nominate you. The Democratic party would completely fall apart, turn-out would plummet, and King Pyrrhus himself would be outdone by the result.

By the way, stop claiming you won Texas. You have fewer pledged delegates from Texas than Obama. If the popular vote mattered that much we would have had President Gore.

Obama, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

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