Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting in Harlem

I went to vote this morning at about 8:15am, roughly 2 hours after the polls opened.

Usually, I walk right up and in to the voting tables in the cafeteria of the elementary school where I vote. This morning, there was a line for the first time in my experience (I voted here in 2004 for Kerry) and my name had been purged from the voter rolls even though I have not moved or otherwise changed my status. Thank you HAVA! I did cast an affidavit ballot.

At other places in Harlem which I walked past on the way to work the lines were like those pictured at the right. Specifically this picture is for a voting place across the street from my neighborhoods Starbucks, at W. 118th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Lots of young people in line, lots of people with their children in tow. I think this is hopefull

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