Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dear Hillary.

So, now, you're is on a book tour, and doing the car wash through the various interview platforms, and we once again are visiting Bernie v. Hillary.  I would like to bring to everyone's attention the fact that this conflict was a Russian strategy for sowing political disharmony in this country.  Here we go again.

I expect Russia will deploy it's assets to influence the 2018 elections in much the same way as in 2016, just with lessons learned.  It's not illegal for the Russian government to employ Americans.  Americans can manipulate social media.  It's legal for Americans to have pro-Russian opinions.  All they need do is take a step back, and I'm sure they've already done this.  Now that Sputnik and RT operations in the US are unraveling they can shift resources to more sophisticated delivery vehicles.

The great flaw in the American system has been exposed.  We will find out if it is a fatal flaw.  We relied upon the fact that anyone elected President would be of good basic character and would know and believe in the fundamental ideas of our form of government.  We thought a liar would lose.  We thought someone demonstrating a lack of a high-school level of civic education could never get the confidence of the electorate.  We all assumed emotional boy-men would wash out early in the process.  I assumed that right up until November 9, 2016.

It turns out, if you can get someone elected who is unprepared in every way, bereft of admirable character and emotionally childish the government is sufficiently self-correcting to grind to a halt, but it isn't quite up to the task of compelling people in power to give up that power to eject a problem chief executive.  There's no way to force Paul Ryan to live up to his sworn duty, he has to choose to do so.

Go ahead, Hillary.  Get the animus out of your system, it does make for good TV, and gets eyeballs on the book, but you don't need it.  Everyone who is going to buy a copy of this book already knows that right now.  I know this one isn't really your fault, but keep the volume low.  It's not important.

Bernie didn't support you because of what he believes.  He puts his beliefs ahead of everything in public life.  You didn't lose because of Bernie, or for a lack of Bernie.  You know that, you say it yourself.  He is who he is, just as you are who you are. 

I supported Bernie because we believe the same things.  You and I are close enough to work together on shared goals, but we don't believe the same things.  I am very grateful for your service to my country.  You were an excellent US Senator for my state during a very difficult time.  You served faithfully as Secretary of State, I simply don't know enough about foreign policy to say you did, or did not, do a good job.  I know you worked hard.

Thank you for that.  Also, thank you for doing the audio narration of the recorded version of your book.  The tone and inflection of an author's voice is very helpful for this kind of memoir.  I really appreciate that.

Be well.